Hurricane Irma Update

Dear Guests and Friends of Coco Point Lodge and Barbuda:

The outpouring of care and concern has been, in a word, incredible. As members of the Coco Point Fund Board (CPF) we think it is important to keep you updated on the information we know and decisions that are being made.

As many of you know, immediately following Hurricane Irma, we sent out a solicitation letter with a number of ways in which people could contribute, including a link. We have heard from many people who would like to help the people of Barbuda. As stewards of the Fund we want you to know that our commitment remains strong. We have commitments through 2017 for scholarships we have granted, and they have already been paid in full. There are remaining 2018 and 2019 scholarships which we hope to continue to fund from past donations.

We have been in contact with Denise, Ray and Patrick. We understand that all Barbudans are on Antigua, are being housed and well cared for, and as of today all Barbudan children are being registered in Antiguan schools. This was encouraging to hear, and we are happy to share this news with you. It was also relayed to us that this meant there isn’t an immediate need for emergency funding from the Fund. However, the Board discussed the desire to honor our wish, as well as the wishes of many others, to reach out and show the Coco Point staff and families that we are all here for them, to show our care and desire to help. We want to do what is best and most helpful. To that end we are continuing conversations with Denise and Ray, who are in touch with most of the employees, and understand the situation and the needs. Once we have a clear understanding of the best way to move forward providing funds in a responsible way we will do so.

To date the amount received by the Irma Relief Fund is approximately
$85,000. We encourage you to continue to be as generous as possible, knowing that although immediate needs are being met by outside groups, there are substantial mid and long term needs that we can address. The Funds’ priorities are first and foremost the employees of Coco Point Lodge, followed by our scholarship program and assistance for the local Codrington schools and hospital. The CPF board has agreed that your contributions to the Irma Relief Fund will only be used to meet these priorities and not for other purposes, such as rebuilding Coco Point Lodge.

Once again, thank you for all your care and concern…it truly makes a world of difference.

The Coco Point Fund Board

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