Becoming 2021 Camp for Girls

The Fund was thrilled to contribute to BECOMING 2021, a concept put together by Directors Cleo Isaac, Catie Kohler, Allyson Trunzer to empower the young girls of Barbuda. Girls attended camp over a three week period and underwent intrapersonal and interpersonal development processes.

The campers learned about healthy eating, meditation, participated in art projects, dancing and carpentry lessons, received mentoring and empowerment skills, gave back to the community with a beach cleanup, and got some pampering with hair and makeup! The finale of the camp was a Summer Recital performed by the campers (program details shared below.)

The Directors reflected on the experience:

“Daily we could see their excitement, willingness and confidence growing.  The girls participated in a showcase on Friday, presenting their work through the realms of theatre, dance, art, media and music. Laughter, tears and words were shared as the girls expressed their love and gratitude for the camp.  This experience is truly something that they will never forget, and because of YOU, it was made possible.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Photos and video footage will be airing on the Barbuda Channel. We are grateful to the directors and all the volunteers that are nourishing Barbuda’s community.

July 30, 2021 I Abundant Life Ministries
Directors: Cleo Isaac, Catie Kohler, Allyson Trunzer
Peer Leaders: Danielle Daley, Shakira James, Zemelia Thompson

Ms. Cleo Issac

“NOTHING MORE” – Alternate Routes

Trinity Ashton, Je’Kyla John, Zara Walters, Kzon John Jules, Keandrae Lee, Xiomora Morris

Pastor Clifton Francois

Trinity Ashton, Eniecia Beazer, Shaziah Cephas, Danielle Daley, Shannay Gabbani, Cadelia Jacobs, Shakira James,
Je’Kyla John, K’Zon John Jules, Keandrae Lee, Jeniah Lewis, Lancia Lewis, Patrice Jeffrey, Azarah Nedd,
Riana Nedd, Reniah Nibbs, Xiomora Morris, Janiah Simon, Patrice Simon, Gregoryann Thomas, Zemelia Thompson,

Paris Walker, Janice Washington, Zara Walters, Makaida Whyte

“YOU GOTTA BE” – Des’ree
Trinity Ashton, Paris Walker, Zara Walters


Danielle Daley, Kzon John Jules, Unique Simon

“TRY”—Colbie Calliat

Shannay Gabbani, Je’Kyla John, Keandrae Lee, Lancia Lewis, Xiomora Morris,

Reniah Nibbs, Unique Simon, Gregoryann Thomas

Shakira James


Shaziah Cephas, Shannay Gabbani, Cadelia Jacobs, Je’Kyla John, Kzon John Jules, Keandrae Lee, Jeniah Lewis, Lancia

Lewis, Xiomora Morris, Reniah Nibbs, Unique Simon, Gregoryann Thomas,

“OCEAN EYES”- Billie Eilish
Zemelia Thompson
“I WAS HERE” – Beyonce
Riana Nedd, Jeiniah Simon



Shaziah Cephas, Shannay Gabbani, Cadelia Jacobs, Je’Kyla John, K’Zon John Jules, Jeniah Lewis, Lancia Lewis,

Xiomora Morris, Reniah Nibbs, Gregoryann Thomas

“RISE UP” – Andra Day

Azarah Nedd, Patrice Simon, Janice Washington, Makaida Whyte


Trinity Ashton, Eniecia Beazer, Danielle Daley Patrice Jeffrey, Azarah Nedd, Riana Nedd, Janiah Simon ,Paris Walker,

Zemelia Thompson, Janice Washington, Zara Walters, Makaida Whyte
“THIS IS ME” –Keala Settle & The Greatest Showman Ensemble

Trinity Ashton, Eniecia Beazer, Shaziah Cephas, Danielle Daley, Shannay Gabbani, Cadelia Jacobs, Shakira James,
Je’Kyla John, K’Zon John Jules, Keandrae Lee, Jeniah Lewis, Lancia Lewis, Patrice Jeffrey, Azarah Nedd,
Riana Nedd, Reniah Nibbs, Xiomora Morris, Janiah Simon, Patrice Simon, Gregoryann Thomas, Zemelia Thompson,

Paris Walker, Janice Washington, Zara Walters, Makaida Whyte

Cleo Isaac, Catie Kohler, Allyson Trunzer

We Hope You Enjoyed the Show!
The cast of BECOMING wish to extend a heart felt “Thank You” to our sponsors:

Coco Point Fund & Barbuda Ocean Club!

BECOMING acknowledges the generous community contributions from:

Mrs. Jenita Cuffy
Mr. & Mrs. Francois
Ms. Anne-Marie Gore
Ms. Adounisha Henry
Ms. Ella Hamilton
Ms. Paula Henry
Mr. McElroy Jeffrey
Mr. Nigel Joseph
Mr. Mark Kohler
Ms. Kelcina George & Mr. Oliver Trunzer
Mrs. Darlene Parker-Beazer
Mrs. Sharima Myers
Ms. Rishella Webber
Mrs. Sundara Punter
Ms. Sylvia Walker Nedd

A Letter to Inspire Our Continued Work!

Dear Coco Point Fund Friends and Donors,

While acts of charity, kindness and generosity are not done for acknowledgment or applause, letters like the one we received from Clifton Francois not only inspire us to continue the work we do but remind us of the needs on the island and how impactful we can be! 

Mr. Francois of the Barbuda Channel was gifted broadcasting equipment purchased by the Cocopoint Fund in order to upgrade his system to be compatible with current systems worldwide.   After receiving the equipment Mr. Francois emailed our President, Mike Smith the following:

You all continue to bring smiles to Barbudans with all you have been doing.  When you all came I really wanted to give up but this just really let me feel like someone really cares. May you all continue to be blessed and stay safe. Thank you again.”

Please read his formal letter below and if you’d like to see more from Barbuda Channel check them out on Facebook!

Remember your donations are so very meaningful and are changing lives! 


From: Clifton Francois & Barbuda Channel Team.
Date: 12th February, 2021
Subject: Greatly appreciate your invaluable contribution.

Dear All,

It has been said that hard work and determination will pay off one day and certainly today is like a payback day for all the many years of my long labour in Barbuda. Words cannot express how I felt that day when I reached out Cocopoint Fund because everything we had was just failing and it was like there was no light at the end.

After reaching out to him, it was surprising to learn that Mr. Mike Smith and his team had made a visit to Barbuda. 

I was shocked that without hesitation you all came by the studio, saw what we were doing and promised that you will help to get it done. Today along with Catie (Ocean Club) and Annmarie and Bentham I was elated that your promise came to fruition and was made a reality, a dream come through.

Now, with thanks to you all, the Barbuda Channel’s quality will be like that of all the other stations.

I want to say keep doing what you all are doing and keep making people happy and making what seems like almost impossible goals, be reached.

I will never ever forget this day. I will keep praying strength for you all and that you all will be able to help many more people in the future.

Thank you all! Thank you all! l thank you all and I will never ever forget this contribution.
Yours Truly,
Clifton Francois

Materials for Council Building Upgrades

The Fund will be assisting with two structures that need updating. The Fund will provide materials to assist the Council with these projects, while the Council will manage the labor. The two structures will be the Agricultural Ministry Building and the Public Works structure where many important vehicles are kept like the trucks, graders, etc for work around the island.

Graders are a heavy piece of machinery most commonly used in civil construction and roadworks creating smooth and flat surfaces. The one kept at the Public Works plant will also be receiving new tires from the Fund.

Agricultural Ministry Building
Public Works Building
Grader to receive new tires.

New Wellness Center

The Fund is very pleased to be moving forward with the Wellness Center project.

The building below was donated and will be rebuilt into the Wellness Center. The Fund is providing the material and the labor to accomplish this rehab.

Wellness Center

Timely Donation by Jumby Bay Fund

We would like join in acknowledging the generosity of the Jumby Bay Fund for delivering supplies to Antiqua & Barbuda earlier this month. Medical supplies valued at more than one million EC dollars arrived at VC Bird International’s Runway.

The Minister for Health was very grateful and thanked them for the vital supplies as well as the contribution from Sir Martin Franklin, a homeowner and Board Member for the fund, for the use of his plane, noting it would not have been possible without his assistance. The Minister mentioned trading links have been interrupted and countries in the carribean are expereincing great difficulties getting transportation to delivery vital supplies to fight COVID-19.

Great job Jumby Bay Fund!

December 2019 Update

Dear Coco Point Fund (CPF) Friends,

As we near the end of 2019, the CPF would like to update you on our successes this past year, our strategic vision and goals for 2020 and the future, and ask for your continued support. While our efforts have been successful, there is still much more to do!

Summary of 2019 Efforts

We accomplished a lot in 2019. We rebuilt several teachers’ homes, supplied paint for 40+ homes, rebuilt the three bus stops on the island, and participated along with the Barbuda Ocean Club (BOC), the Jumby Bay Fund (JBF) and the Mill Reef Fund(MRF) in both installing a 100,000 gallon water storage tank and refurbishing the existing desalination plant on the island. We are hopeful that, for the first time in over 2 years, the people will have fresh, quality running water 24/7 before!

We also paid to have electricity connected for most of the last 25% of people on the island who could not afford it. We estimate that more than 95% of the people now have electricity in their homes!

After having rebuilt the Nursery School and the Daycare Center in 2018, we partnered with Meteor Education in Florida to send two teacher trainers to the Nursery School for four days. We also sent new furniture, teaching materials, iPads, and much more so that we could start the process of 21st century “differentiated” learning in this school. The trainers also did an evaluation of the Holy Trinity middle school as we think about improving educational outcomes there as well! This initiative was a huge success!

We could not have accomplished all of this without our representatives on Barbuda, Bentham Lewis and Anne-Marie Gore!


Through our Scholarship Fund, we continue to support qualified students in attending universities in Antigua, the U.S., and around the world! With $38,000 in grants, we currently support 11 young men and women from Barbuda in furthering their post-secondary education. As more families return to Barbuda, we expect the demand for these scholarships to continue, if not grow!

2020 and Beyond


As a board, we are still looking at many new projects. Our first focus will be to continue and expand our educational improvement plan. We are working to develop a five year plus plan (rolls out in stages) for grades 1-7. The cost of this initiative will be at least $1 million in total over the next five years. It will involve training 3x per year in each grade, new modem classroom design, furniture, technology and curriculum. We hope to get support from our other partners (JBF, MRF, BOC, and others). We believe that this initiative would bring lasting social and economic change for decades to come.


Our other big initiative is to participate with JPF, MRF and others in building 20-30 new, two-bedroom, hurricane proof homes in a new “subdivision” that will be built on higher ground near the high school. This initiative will cost around $2-3 million (approximately $100,000 per home). We hope to participate in the building of three to five homes. JBF has committed to building fifteen to twenty homes.


  • Building and outfitting a clinic in downtown for “non-life threatening” healthcare – medicine, insulin, general healthcare, etc. (estimated at $75,000-$100,000).
  • Rebuilding a small morgue. The island had a morgue prior to the hurricane that could handle three bodies. Unfortunately, it has not yet been rebuilt. (estimated at $80,000-$100,000 for two containers)
  • An open air market with about 20 “stands” where people can sell their goods to both local residents and tourists. (estimated at $150,000-$200,000).
  • Rebuilding a building and supporting a new initiative for after school programs for the children on the island.(estimated at $50,000-$75,000).
  • Continuing to help those in need with supplies (and labor) to rebuild their homes. (whatever you can give!)
  • Other projects that have yet to be determined.

Life on Barbuda,
Improved, But More to Do!

While life is certainly better than it was two years ago, it is nowhere near back to normal. Work is moving at a feverish pace at the Barbuda Ocean Club. Infrastructure is being built, lots are being sold, and home construction will begin soon. It will be spectacular when finished (just not like the Coco Point Lodge we all knew and loved!)

As for employment, work is available for the most part for all on the island that want to work.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the Antiguan Government and the people of Barbuda and their governing Council is not good.  Currently government workers are paid for only a week’s worth of work for each month they work – they are delayed in receiving 27 weeks worth of pay.   It is believed that there is very little money to pay for anything not only on Barbuda, but Antiqua as well.   


How to Donate

Please consider a donation to the Coco Point Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization committed to the Island and the people of Barbuda.

If you know of any other individuals or charitable foundations that might be interested in helping our mission, please let us know!

There are many ways that you can contribute to our much-needed projects. See below.

If you would like to mail a check to The CPF, please send checks to:
Coco Point Fund
c/o Joan Minshall
12 Oxford Street
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

If you would like to wire funds to The CPF, please [email protected] for the wire instructions.

If you would like to transfer highly appreciated stock to The CPF, please contact [email protected] for the wire instructions.

Donate with Paypal by using this link.  

Please remember that we NEVER co-mingle any of our funds with the Antiguan Government or the Barbuda Council. We are diligent shepherds of your very generous contributions. 

Thank you in advance for considering a donation this year end.  We wish you all the happiest and healthiest Holiday Season! Please visit our new and improved website at


The Coco Point Fund Board of Directors

New Shoes for the Basketball Team

It’s always inspiring to see former Coco Point guests jump into action! Samantha is a basketball coach on Barbuda. She reached out with a need for new shoes for her basketball team.

An initiative to ship shoes to her was organized by Karen Hopp (former CCP Guest) and Emily Kunschner (Former CCP Guest and CCP Fund Board Member) Collaboration struck when Jim Wilkins, a CCP Board Member and former CCP guest, procured 15 pairs of basketball shoes at cost with the generous support and help of The Brewer Family, current owners of Wilkins Shoe Center of Winchester, VA.

The basketball shoes were packaged up and thanks to the Fund’s diligent contacts on the island coordination made and the shoes were delivered to Codrington this week.

A special thanks to again Jimmy Wilkins, Kendra Brewer and the following families who raised enough funds to purchase and ship the shoes!

Liz Anderson
Sue and Peter Carlson
Caroline & Don DeAngelo
Rhiannon & Mario Forlini
DeNora & Mark Getachew
Karen & Eric Hopp
The Kelly Family
Emily & John Kunschner

Good luck on the court!

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